Pill bugs!!!

Almost every body loves pill bugs. They’re super cute and they can roll up in a little ball. They’re really easy to care for to, I’ve had some in a jar with some dirt, leaves, sticks and plants and they’re still alive. They’re really interesting to, you can tell if a pill bug is sick if it looks sort of purple or blue. Right now all of mine are molting.

This is a pict of me and my little sis, we found pill bugs. Me and my sis go to a 4H club about gardening  called Junior Master Gardeners, J,M,G for short. I love it there because there is tons of bugs! These bugs have many names, roly poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bug or pill bug. But what ever you call it its still the exact same bug.  Pill bugs breathe through gills, that’s because they are crustaceans and not insects. These bugs are helpful to because they eat dead leaves and waste.

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