Many people ask the question, “Where do the insects go in the winter?” It really depends on which insect. Some insects hide under leaves on the ground during winter and some like the Monarch Butterfly migrate south to places like Mexico then return south during spring and summer. What I think is super cool is that some larvae replace the water in their body with glycerol (It’s an antifreeze). While others survive because they are larvae that can live in ponds or lakes under the ice.   I Hope you learned something while reading this! Thanks for reading!




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my bug blog.

I started this blog because I LOVE bugs and I have loved them my whole life. My favorite bugs are  praying mantids, butterflies and crickets.

I love catching insects and reading about insects. I am only afraid of  cockroaches and things that can bite or sting. The only insect that I am not afraid of that can bite is a praying mantis.

I am in seventh grade and when I go to college I want to study entomology.