my bug blog.

I started this blog because I LOVE bugs and I have loved them my whole life. My favorite bugs are  praying mantids, butterflies and crickets.

I love catching insects and reading about insects. I am only afraid of  cockroaches and things that can bite or sting. The only insect that I am not afraid of that can bite is a praying mantis.

I am in seventh grade and when I go to college I want to study entomology.


3 thoughts on “my bug blog.

  1. This is my first blog and I am bad at spelling. If there is anything wrong with my spelling please leave a reply so I can fix it.

  2. Karen says:

    This blog is perfect for you! I am really going to enjoy reading it. I love your comment that you are planning to go to college! But did you really have to say the work cockroaches!!! LOL. You know I don’t like them!!

  3. Glitter says:


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